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There are several Huddles meeting at any given time among our Foothills community. Some in-person. Some on Zoom. And there are new Huddles starting up from time-to-time as well. If you are interested in joining a Huddle, please let Mike and Michelle or Joe and Melissa know. Here's more information on our Huddles:

The goal of Huddle is for participants to develop their ability to independently hear God, develop action plans, and follow through. The Huddle process helps build confidence in hearing God and capacity to obey him. Huddle isn’t just about making disciples; it’s about making disciples who make disciples. 

Huddle is a small group of 3-10 serious Christ-followers that meet together for a period of time to develop their ability to hear and respond to God. The Huddle leader helps facilitate this process. It is not discipleship through knowledge, but discipleship through obedience. Huddle revolves around two major questions: What is God saying, and what does God want me to do?  Therefore, Huddle is ultimately about developing our ability to hear God and do what he says. 


Huddle follows the pattern of discipleship we see in the gospels. Jesus calls a group of disciples to journey together for an extended period.  During this time, they learn to imitate Jesus. Jesus sends the disciples out on mission (Luke 9-10). They go out. Then they come back together to receive encouragement and challenge.  Afterward, they get sent out again and the cycle continues. 


Huddle is done in a group - not one on one. As we look at how Jesus discipled, it was rarely one-on-one but always done in groups. Also, we learn and gain confidence in hearing God as we see others doing the same.


We use the Huddle time to process each other around the Learning Circle so we can discern together what God is saying and what He wants us to do about it. 

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