NURSERY (Ages 0-3)

Our recently expanded and remodeled nursery awaits your child! On Sunday mornings, our wonderful nursery attendants are ready to serve. They will greet you at the door, sign your child in, and take them into a colorful room full of toys and fun with other children. You'll also noticed a teen or two there as well to assist the attendant. The nursery is located close by the sanctuary, and we have a security camera and our safety team watching over them at all times.

MY MESSAGE (Age 4-5th Grade)

Parents have their children with them during the first part of the worship service so that families can worship together, and then the children are released for the final 45 minutes of the service for age appropriate teaching and activities. Please know that “My Message” time is optional.  There is no pressure for parents to send their children out of the service, nor is there pressure for parents to keep their children in the service.


We think youth ministry is a pretty big deal, so we make it a pretty big deal! Before taking over as the Lead Pastor of Foothills, Pastor Mike was a youth pastor. 12 years – and lots and lots of students – many of whom are still walking with the Lord in their adult years. As the church searches for a new youth pastor, Pastor Mike is leading our youth ministry and building it up to hand over to the new leader. Mike brings his passion for the Lord, passion for teaching, and love of fun to our youth ministry – and he’d LOVE to have your teenager come along for the ride.

DISCIPLESHIP COMMUNITIES (Everyone! Families, Singles, Teens, and Kids)

These are groups of people who live the "Jesus Shaped Life" together. In Luke 6:12-19, we read that Jesus lived in three “dimensions” while on earth. He spent time with the Father (UP), time with His disciples (IN), and time with non-Christian people (OUT). If you’ve ever been in a small group, then you’re familiar with going UP and IN together, but in the Discipleship Community, we’re not only really intentional about those two dimensions, we’re also very intentional about going OUT together and reaching non-Christian people too. The transition to these exciting Discipleship Communities is happening in 2020!


There are several opportunities throughout the year for women to connect with one another through Bible studies, meals together, and special events. Our next women's Bible study begins in January, and our ladies 55 years and older get together each month for lunch.


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