On Sunday, August 9, we will be holding outdoor worship gatherings in our parking lot at 7PM. The parking lot will be shaded by then, so instead of trying to gather indoors where we will be very limited in how many can attend and what we can do, let's plan to gather outdoors. The spread of COVID-19 is much less a threat, so let's worship together! Here's what you need to know...

1. The parking lot will be open at 6:30pm. You will be greeted in your cars by parking attendants who will show you where to park. Parking spots will be available on the north end of the building and in the Noah's Ark parking lot. Spots are limited, so if possible, arrive closer to 6:30pm than 7pm. If you are able to walk a bit, you can always park around the east end of Lynnewood Park (where we have our church picnics) and walk up to our parking lot. That would really help. We will have an overflow parking plan developed by the time of our first gathering if we need it. The parking attendants will show you where to park if all of our spots are filled.

You will be parked according to the number in () shown in front of each parking lot section. There will be three parking attendants (shown in blue) to guide you in. If you can't walk very far, please request one of the 5 spots in the main parking lot. The earlier you arrive after 6:30PM, the closer parking spot you'll get!


2. Please bring the following items with you: lawn chairs for your family, blankets for the ground if you're OK putting them down on asphalt, communion elements for everyone in your family who will take communion, hand sanitizer (we will also provide hand sanitizing stations), water for your family, and feel free to bring food to eat. This will be like a church picnic with no communal food and no mingling! :-(

3. We will have designated socially distanced seating areas for you when you arrive. There will be areas for one person (1-2), two people (1-2), and families (3+). There will be a team of people who will help you find a spot, so please exit your car and stop at the "entrance" and wait to be ushered to your seating area. There will also be designated one-way walking areas as the middle of the parking lot will serve as a type of "hallway."

4. The state has made face masks mandatory when out in public. Please bring your masks and wear them when you arrive and are going to your seating area, but please know that because we will be outside and socially distanced, we will encourage you to take your masks off (if you feel comfortable doing so) during the worship service. If we were all indoors, we would ask that masks remain on, but since we're outdoors, it is much safer to remove them once we're settled in. We will even sing together! This is one of the reasons why we're meeting outdoors. Singing indoors is highly discouraged by the CDC, but outdoors, it is much safer to sing - so we will!

5. The building will be open for bathroom use. You will be able to enter the building on the north and south sides. You will not be able to enter through the front doors as this will be the stage area. We ask that you wear your masks while inside and use hand sanitizer before entering the restroom and when you leave. The less you touch anything inside, the better. And if possible, please limit the amount of people in the restroom at any given time to just a few people.

6. We will limit the service time to 60-70 minutes tops, and you will need to keep your family together in your allotted space at all times (unless you're taking them to the restroom). There will be no children's program, feel free to bring things for your kids to do, and don't worry about noisy kids! There will be plenty of noise from the traffic on Tramway, so please don't worry about loud children.

7. The worship guide will be emailed to you before the service begins. We will not be handing out a paper worship guide, so please plan to bring a device that will allow you to see the prayers we will pray and the songs we will sing.

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